Our approach

We are curious and think long-term


Get in touch

Contact us, and we'll set up a casual meeting where you can tell us about your company and the challenges you're facing. This way, we understand your success criteria and can suggest the best way forward.


Find the right expertise

We have access to a large network of specialists. We can find the right profile, whether it's niche expertise or a broad understanding of technology. It's not just about the skills; we also consider whether the candidate has the right soft skills and fits into your organization and work culture.


Present Candidates

After quality-checking all candidates, we choose the one or ones that best fit the assignment. You have the opportunity to meet each candidate to make your own assessment.


Keep our finger on the pulse

Long-term collaboration is important to us. We closely follow up with both clients and specialists working for us, ensuring that all parties are satisfied with the collaboration.


Our expertise

Our services can be easily scaled and tailored based on the phase in which the customer finds themselves.


Fractional CTO

Whether it's a brief, focused consultation on a specific issue or a comprehensive review of your technical strategy, our top technological experts can assist you.


Development processes

With extensive experience in development and management processes, we can contribute to ensuring that your development projects flow smoothly and progress successfully.


AI strategy

Take the right steps in utilizing AI to gain insights from data, streamline processes, or enhance customer experiences.


Dedicated team

You choose the team size and resource composition. We ensure the quality of deliveries, so you can avoid daily management.


Team extension

Our developers are perceived as your company's own employees. We guarantee a seamless integration into your organization and offer flexible scaling.


Technical due diligence

Are you planning a merger or acquisition, or are you wondering if your technical solution is ready to scale? We can help you identify the risks.



Our customers contribute to sustainability and development in various industries

We have experience in a range of sectors but are open to collaborating with any clients where our expertise and experience can bring value:





Media & Entertainment

Hardware & IoT

Our case studies



How can we help you?

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